Southern Iowa

Mrs. JB says, “So I live in rural town southern Iowa, and while I was dropping my son off at school, I watched a man first try to parallel park this minivan and trailer – and I had a good chuckle. Then I watched him pull into an empty two spaces ahead of the vehicle in front of the parallel spot. And the part I found the funniest? Ten minutes of maneuvering lead to a driver’s satisfied look upon completion – and this.”



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6 responses to “Satisfied

  1. Jen

    Yes, was just going to post as well that this is a repeat!

  2. JB*

    Yeah… it is from my wife. She submitted it through the site, then did it by email since she got an error.

  3. badparking

    Wow you guys are on top of things! Sorry about that…

  4. Jen

    It just means we are real fans. 🙂

  5. This is why mini-van drivers don’t need to be hauling stuff.

    Hall Monitor

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