Late night shopper

Cincinnati, OH

Harrellj took these at a Kroger parking lot after midnight. “The driver pulled in right as I was leaving the store and looked very much like he was in a hurry. I purposely kept fussing with my groceries to make sure he was inside the store prior to taking these pictures.”



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2 responses to “Late night shopper

  1. I think the driver gets special dispensation on this one. The next space has the cart rack in it.
    I’d wave-off the encroachment foul.

  2. Mark

    1) It’s after midnight – and obviously not busy at the store. Plenty of room for anyone.
    2) The cart corral shares the encroached space. So the ‘violation’ prevents a Vespa from parking there? See #1.
    3) Harrellj “purposely kept fussing with [his] groceries” in order to get the shot. Seriously?? Maybe a new hobby is in order.

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