Scooter debate

Boston, MA

There has been a big debate going on here over scooter parking. To keep it going, Jeff has submitted a couple scooter-related parking incidents and offers his wisdom.

“Which one of these scooters is parked incorrectly? Both are parked quite well, but one is doing something illegal. Can you tell which one? That’s right, the scooter on the street is parked illegally. The one on the sidewalk is a 50cc model so is parked legally according to the laws of the city. Locking it to a mailbox is another matter. The scooter in the street is parked where there is no parking allowed. Bad scooter!”



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4 responses to “Scooter debate

  1. Just commenting here to say hello and because this post cried out for more scooter talk than the other one but has been languishing.

    C’est la vie. I use the French because I’m pretending that my scooter makes me European.


  2. Geno

    What’s ironic about this picture is that the “identical twins” appearance of these two scooters suggests that they arrived together, so maybe there was some discussion between the two riders as to where to actually park, with apparent disagreement on the correct answer.

  3. Jeremy

    I think both are parked illegally. All vehicles are banned from parking on Boston sidewalks. Just because they don’t ticket you doesn’t mean it’s legal.

    The regulations are here:

    First read the definition of “vehicle” on p3. It includes everything, even bikes.

    Then skip to p5. It says no vehicle may be parked on the sidewalk unless there are signs or markings specifically allowing it.

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