Bad reception

Kalamazoo, MI

Justin attended a wedding reception thought that he had found a prime spot at the end of the aisle (I drive the black Chevy Silverado). He says, “As you see there are lines at the end of my truck, including a curved line in front of it, and a bonus road cone to let people know that it was not a parking space. When I came out I found not one, but two people had completely ignored the lines and parked there anyway. Now, I will admit that there was an invitational golf tournament going on the same day, but there were numerous people at the reception who said that they had to park quite a distance away.  These people were not special, nor handicapped, so they will get no sympathy from me.”



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4 responses to “Bad reception

  1. Anon

    Your truck is ugly, so you will get no sympathy from me.

  2. Kimberly

    That is crazy, I think I was at the same wedding. This is at the country club right? July 26th?

  3. Tatman

    This was actually from Sunday July 27th. Maybe the day after you were there?

    It’s funny that an anonymous person says my truck is ugly. Haha, your lack of personality and identity is what’s funny to me!

  4. Kimberly

    Yep, it was the day after. That would have been quite the coincidence!

    I will never understand why people get off on criticizing and causing trouble online. They need to get a life!

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