White Rhino?


Somewhere, MI

Nothing to say except, I repeat, White Rhino?



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8 responses to “White Rhino?

  1. inability to park, evidently, now counts as a handicap.

  2. Of course,anyone who requires a handicapped parking spot would drive a SUV. It’s just common sense.

  3. I have to repeat along with you: White Rhino? I’m struggling to think of a connection between White Rhino and the need to park in a handi spot.

    I got nothin’.

  4. this explains why there’s that big blue stripey section. I always wondered about that.

  5. Joe

    Hey insensitive temporarily-abled jerks:

    This guy most likely parked this way so that he could get out of his vehicle with a walker, crutches, or wheelchair on the driver’s side. Think about it: If he needs space on the driver’s side, he needs to move over in the DESIGNATED area to do so.

    You don’t like how the parking spot is designed? Get over it. Someday you may be disabled and need more space on the driver’s side to maneuver your walker, crutches, or wheelchair and a bunch of jerks will take a picture of your vehicle and make fun of you.

    You guys have no perspective or empathy.

  6. soxfan17881

    I’ve met a couple of people who actually think you’re supposed to use handicapped spots in this way. In both cases, they are not truly handicapped.

  7. I agree with Joe (but not with his self-righteous, holier-than-thou tone). I don’t think that this is a problem so much. Because as Jerky Joe said, there’s a good chance that the driver needed the space to get out of his car.

  8. Jen

    Yeah, if you’re disabled and (say) using a wheelchair lift to get out of your car… you’re only able to do it on one side of the car, not the other. For all we know this driver is being considerate of the car parked to the left.

    The alternative would be to expect the disabled driver to back into the spot, and we’ve all seen how difficult that is for NON-disabled drivers… Better to do this, I think, at least it doesn’t risk hitting anybody.

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