Ya missed a spot

Jackson, MI

I don’t mean to pick on users of the handicap parking spots so often, but there are far too many incidences to pass up. Like this one.



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5 responses to “Ya missed a spot

  1. Issa

    That’s ok-the drivers aren’t always handicapped.
    I, for one, have all too often witnessed perfectly healthy people driving vehicles w/disabled plates and all but skipping, frolicking, and prancing to the store entrance -heck, I’ve been one of them.

  2. Andi

    This in no way excuses the bad parking in handicap spots, but I do know why people sometimes do it on purpose. My grandma is handicap and I often see people (handicapped or not) parking in the crossed out area made for allowing the handicapped to swing their door all the way open. This makes it possible for a small person to squeeze in through the door, but people who need the door all the way open to get in are screwed. Multiple times we’ve had to back the car out of a spot so my grandma could open the door enough to get in the passenger’s seat. Handicap spots are not just closer to the door, they are spread out like that for a reason, and some people like to ignore it.
    Regardless, if I saw someone parked like that, I’d probably swear under my breathe and say something about taking away their driver’s liscence.

  3. I am a handicapped driver. This is the type of vehicle I have. I would have parked this way because the shopping cart on the stripes would have prevented me from getting the ramp down for the wheelchair!!

  4. badparking

    That makes sense joann, thanks for sharing.

  5. Joe

    Why are you bashing the disabled here?

    To get out on the driver’s side, anyone with a wheelchair or walker would need more space on the driver’s side.

    Why are you NOT bashing the idiot who left the shopping cart in the disabled person’s way?

    You guys need to THINK about what life is like for disabled drivers. And show some compassion. All you are showing now is your complete ignorance of what it’s like to try and move around when disabled and/or using assistive mobility devices like a wheelchair.

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