Tampa, FL

Josh says, “I caught this Accord (badly) parked between two handicapped spaces in the parking lot of a community college. Judging by how far over and crooked the green Neon is, the red Accord pulled in first. Not sure if the driver just seriously misjudged the turn in and was too lazy to correct it or what. FWIW, there was an empty space just out of frame if they had just pulled in.”

If those are the drivers, they really don’t seem all that concerned about their poor parking.



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3 responses to “Community

  1. Jean

    Ummmm…….that isn’t bad parking, that is ILLEGAL parking. That isn’t even a parking spot! Not to mention between handicapped spots. Even if they have a handicapped permit, they still can’t park THERE.

  2. Anonymous

    Parking in the handicap access aisle is like parking in two handicap spots at the same time. These people should be shot.

  3. yep, a couple of overfed, entitled douchebags. typical.

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