A la Wal-Mart

Copperas Cove, TX

Jean says, “As short as this SUV is, it will fit. He/she is just a rude bonehead. Wal-Mart parking lot, of course. I am going to start paying more attention to the fact that I as long as I have my phone, I have a camera. Our Wal-Mart parking lot is always good for these.”

Tip from Jean: try your local Wal-Mart for bad parking photos!



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4 responses to “A la Wal-Mart

  1. Tatman

    I recently submitted a pic from a Wal-Mart. Epic!

  2. My take on it is that people don’t realize the size of their vehicle, and have no idea whether or not it will fit in a space or between them and something else.

    When I worked in Engineering, we did a lot of site plans for new shopping centers. The size of a parking space went from 10′ x 20′ to 9′ x 20′ so that they could get extra spaces and meet zoning requirements. That was in the late 1980s, before the giant SUV terrorized our roads.
    Now, those shopping centers have the same 9′ parking spaces, only the autos have outgrown them, like a fat guy in an airline seat.

  3. Joe

    I think most perpendicular spots have gotten shorter, too. Meanwhile, pickup trucks have gotten longer.

  4. Jean

    Hey, it’s Jean, the one who sent this pic in. If our 2009 F-150 SuperCrew with 6.5 ft bed will fit in one of these spots, this thing will, too. Because I am used to something that long, and wide, I think of these SUVs as “short” because they are A LOT shorter than our truck.

    But I do think y’all are right, spots do seem to be getting smaller in general. At one time we had those concrete parking bumpers and when they took them out they repainted the lines to add a couple more rows. This also allows people to drive across the lanes/rows rather than follow the lanes, which is another serious problem in our WM lot. One day some bonehead is going to run into our new truck and will be very sorry they drove so stupid.

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