Way too long

Santa Clara, CA

Yvette took this at her apartment complex. She says, “Currently, the complex is undergoing major renovations to empty units and with the work crews come looooooooooooooong pickup trucks. Any uncovered parking spaces are freebies, and they’re a priceless commodity in the evening, but they’re mostly open during the day. I came home for lunch on Tuesday and saw this colossal truck parked in what looks like a mini-space, but it’s really an average length parking space. You can see where the overhang ends and where the cars in the background end and this truck is too long by like five feet. His whole backend is just hanging out in the driveway.

You can kinda see how he didn’t even pull up all the way to the parking stopper–could’ve pulled in another 1.5 feet. I get that people that drive these kinds of trucks often have trouble parking them, but maybe they should think about that when they’re purchasing their double cab, extended long bed trucks! Just a thought!”



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3 responses to “Way too long

  1. I actually don’t think that’s a long bed. That would be even worse. But, what else do you use for work if you are in construction? A Miata?

  2. Jen

    Yeah, I can’t really complain about people who actually _need_ a utility vehicle, having one.

    I mean, if you’re hauling around sheets of plywood… right Linz, that’d be sort of awesome strapped to the top of a Miata. You might get a flying car. 😀

  3. NGS

    I gotta second Linz here. It’s not a long bed – it’s a short bed. Which kind of makes the whole thing worse, really.

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