At least it’s straight

Crystal Lake, IL

Brodie says he’s torn on this one “because on the one hand, the guy did park between to two outside lines.  On the other hand, he ignored all the other ones marking that section of pavement as NOT A PARKING SPOT. I guess he’s just more important than the old woman living in the complex who uses the handicapped parking spot.”

And he adds, rather indignantly, “This guy lives in the complex, is not handicapped, does not have handicapped plates or a window hanger, and was not transporting a handicapped person at the time. He’s just a lazy SOB.”



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3 responses to “At least it’s straight

  1. sitboaf

    Allowable only for temporary loading or unloading of large items to or from trunk. Must be accompanied by hazard lights.
    Do us a favor and leave a note on his windshield that reads “What makes you better than me?”

  2. Tatman

    Maybe he thinks that the stripes mean “No Parking, unless you drive an Infiniti”


  3. I would have called the cops.

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