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Graphically speaking

Joe pointed us to this parking related post at Indexed.

The greater your ego, the lesser your ability to park. Yeah, I can see that.


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Stellar submissions

Man do you guys know how to follow through! I put out a call for submissions a few weeks ago, and you guys answered. And then some!

I’m not complaining though, keep them coming. I’m just apolozing if you haven’t seen your photos posted yet. I promise, they’re coming.

Keep checking back here, and keep those cameras ready!

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Cart parking

West Deptford, NJ

Technically this isn’t bad parking, but because it is a personal pet peeve of mine and it takes place in a parking lot, I’m including it. Anthony sarcastically says, “Not enough time to walk those shopping carts to the bin, so just leave them in a parking space, inconveniencing shoppers on a busy, rainy Sunday afternoon. I should have dusted them for fingerprints.”

Put your shopping carts away people.


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