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Four to one

Bellevue, WA

Thomas says, “Myself and a few friends went out to eat and noticed this truck in the parking lot taking up four spots when it could have fit in to one (we checked).”


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Norfolk, VA

Paula Michele says, “This was taken at our local Wal-mart’s Marketplace. I went to put my shopping cart up and realized that this person had parked, blocking the entrance of the shopping cart corral. The front of their car was actually up in the corral while the back of their car hung out into the parking lot aisle. The only reason that I can think of for them to park like this was that it was cold and drizzling so maybe them didn’t want to have to walk a few extra feet. As I was leaving I saw a couple of men completely surround the car with shopping carts.”

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Olympia, WA

Matthew says, “Were they distracted by the mural?”

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