A la France

Northern France

Gräfin says, “I took this last November at a motel (the Val Moret) we stay at in Northern France; it’s just off the A5 motorway between Champagne and Burgundy. Our car is the red car in the foreground, and when we went to bed there were no other cars in the car park. When we went for breakfast, this was what we saw!

I think it’s bad parking because:
a) the car on the right has made it difficult/impossible for the silver car to get out, and/or
b) I suspect he got to be parked like this because he forgot to apply the handbrake!

We’ve stayed at this place lots of times, and always cars park as close to the rooms as it gets really cold/wet in winter. It’s a part of rural France where it’s still not unusual to go into a bar in the morning and;see one or two old boys starting their day with red wine or cognac, but this place is mainly used by business travellers or holiday makers breaking their journey to/from the South of France; but perhaps he had been on a champagne tasting.”


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