Hot mess

Kent, WA

Holly calls this a  hot mess with a Cougar and a ginormous Chevy truck.” She says, “I’m really just struck rather speechless. What’s sad is that this type of parking isn’t at all rare for our apartment complex. I drive a 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS and have come outside to leave for work, just to have some asshat parked over the line into MY spot, even though I was perfectly straight and
centered. I have had this car since June 2008 and have huge scratches and dings all up and down the vehicle due to the f**ktards that live around my boyfriend and I. Even now, I still get upset every time I find a new one.”


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One response to “Hot mess

  1. AngryParakeet

    I feel your pain. I have a great little car for the city (2000 Chevy Prizm) but it seems to attract disrespect. I don’t really expect to keep it perfect, but it gets hit and scratched all the time. I have started to key SUVs that park offensively.

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