Land yacht

Kent, Washington

Holly says, “Not ONLY is she parked with her tires over the line into the handicapped spot to the left, but you might be able to see the “co” on the ground behind her boat. That “co” is for COMPACT!!! This fricknut always parks here and is always over the line. I just want to scream, “your land yacht is NOT compact!” She happens to be our next door neighbor too so I hope she didn’t see the flash outside at 1 am.”



Filed under parking, suv

2 responses to “Land yacht

  1. Renegade Priest

    I hope she did. 🙂

  2. Henry

    Seems pretty passive-aggressive. Why the hell don’t you call your neighbor on this type of crap? And why are you worried that she’ll see the flash?? If anyone should be worried( of her car being towed), it should be your neighbor.

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