Seattle, WA

Aaron says, “This truck was blocking parts of three of the five 20-minute spots in front of my store for nearly an hour. The lines look a bit faded in the picture, but they’re pretty clear in real life and people never seem to have trouble parking within them.

We share the lot with two restaurants and a coffee shop and I am fairly certain that this fellow was doing business with one of my neighbors; otherwise I would have had him towed immediately. While this photo shows no other cars in any of the spots, the rest of the lot was full and very shortly after this picture was taken we had a bit of a rush.

Since I was alone at the store and busy with customers I was unable to capture photographic
evidence of the chaos that ensued. To cap things off, when returning to his truck the driver stared straight at me and let fly with a tremendously unpleasant belch as soon as I began to inquire as to why he thought he should be entitled to park in such a manner.”


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