Snow climbing

Gurnee, IL

Xero says, “Chicagoland (and other parts of the country) experienced a particularly brutal winter this past year that was full of tons of snow, random warm days, thawing and freezing, thawing and freezing, and so on. What happened to most parking lots during this time was regrettable at best, but this picture was taken at a rather large shopping mall in the Gurnee area (you can guess which one if you know anything about the area).

It is of a Toyota FJ Cruiser parked with both front wheels well up onto a large pile of icy snow that is the remnants of the plowing job. Also note that if the snow pile was not there, they would still be on the grassy island rather than the parking spot. Double parking failure (pun intended)?”



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4 responses to “Snow climbing

  1. Nah, not that common. My friend did it last year – he’s been made famous on this site a couple times lol. But here’s our snowbank parking last year 😀

  2. This reminds me of those car dealerships who have their SUVs “climbing” up fake mountains in their lot. So rugged!

  3. I grew up in rural Michigan, and at my high school, every winter, the redneck boys with their enormous trucks would park on the snow piles. Much larger piles than pictured here; we’re talking six, eight feet high at their apex. One hopes they at least knew how to employ a parking brake, for the safety of the other students.

  4. JZ

    If you look at the curb in front of the FJ he is within the spot, not on the grass. I park my jeep similarly in winter in Chicago all the time. Not only is it entertaining, but, by taking spaces that other cars cannot occupy, we are doing a service to drivers with less capable vehicles.

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