Traffic cop

Newark, DE

Craig says, ” The local traffic cop decided to park with his back end sticking out into the left lane of traffic so he could write a ticket I think for the motorcycle in the picture.  He looks like (and should be) writing a ticket for himself for the bad park job.  Its a little grainy because I got the picture on my cell phone as I was walking to a bar.”



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2 responses to “Traffic cop

  1. JB*

    Isn’t this how many cops park now – at an angle, so they can be protected by the vehicle while issuing a ticket?

    I seem to recall the state of Illinois highly encouraging it after multiple incidents one summer where officers were hit by other motorists passing an accident at a high speed.

  2. If the intent of protecting yourself from moving traffic is to hope cars hit the truck first, then he’s doing it wrong. This street is 2 lanes and 1 way. The flow of traffic moves from the left side of the picture to the right and where he’s standing, he’ll get hit first. If the intent is that cars would get in the other lane and go around, then good luck to cops who park like this, because, at least in this instance, cars were not avoiding him at all

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