Sorry cyclist

San Francisco, CA

He who wishes to protect his name says, “Sorry this is not the best picture – but this motorcycle was there all weekend and into the week killing us all in the lower haight, where parking is at a premium. It’s possible that this was a result of cars moving… but still, you would think they would move their bike – anyway, when you have to park 6 blocks from home who cares what the reason is! Its inexcusable and just plain bad parking!”



Filed under motorcycle, parking

2 responses to “Sorry cyclist

  1. Desert Rat

    One of the reasons to ride either a motorcycle or scooter in SFO is that I can often slide into spaces that cars can not. Cars mostly likely moved given what is in the picture

  2. Meh

    That’s an acceptable way to park a bike, granted they should be at more of an angle, but it’s not bad parking.

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