It takes two

Bryan, TX

Jaclyn says, “It takes two…douche bags to cause this bad parking situation at Target. Who is more at fault?”

I blame it on the cart.



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2 responses to “It takes two

  1. Kimberly

    Heaven forbid someone get their ass out of their car and move the cart or park further away. Also, to not take care of your cart is just lazy, it isn’t like they put the cart corrals 10 miles away.

  2. Around here, shopping carts lie pretty much where they stop. Sad that people are so lazy.
    The problem is that the stores hire kids to corral the carts, otherwise, shoppers would be forced to reel in their own carts. God forbid.
    They’re too busy finding the nearest spot that’s 10 feet closer than the one they just passed.

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