Push over

Edmonton, Alberta

Charlotte says, “Here is a pic my husband Jared snapped on his Blackberry at our local Ikea store  earlier this year. He was worried about being caught so he took it from a distance, so it may be hard to make out, but note that the orange truck, which has a disabled parking tag hanging from the rear view mirror, and is therefore ‘parked’ in a disabled parking stall, has been driven into (and has pushed over) the sign that also marks the disabled parking stall.

You can’t tell it from the picture, but the vehicle was also nowhere near being in the lines, nor parallel to them. The truck is quite large, which also led us to wonder if the driver carries a ladder or has some sort of lift to get into it, given to receive the parking tag they are somehow physically disabled. Classic!”



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2 responses to “Push over

  1. Why would he worry about being caught? He wasn’t doing anything wrong.

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