Lindsay says, “Oh Hurray! My saga continues with this! Because I have no parking stall in my building, I have to park on the streets. I left my house to go to work on Sunday and found this gem. My SUV is that red one. In front of my car is not a road, but a public park. They did leave a piece of paper with a phone number… A phone number that was disconnected.”

So awesome.



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4 responses to “Blizzocked

  1. No offense, but an SUV should have been able to roll over that curb, on the grass and around. Isn’t that the purpose of driving one of those things?

    That doesn’t absolve the guy blocking you in, but your vehicle should have given you the ability to extricate yourself.

    • Lindsay

      There’s about 6 inches of sidewalk and then a huge bush, it’s not very maneuverable. Plus there was a giant marathon in the park that day so I’m pretty sure I would’ve hit someone if I tried.

  2. lauren

    I park in my building’s garage in an urban area. One day, I went to leave for work to find a car blocking the exit to our garage (hazards on, of course…cuz that makes it ok). I sat there for 10 minutes waiting for the person to come out and move. There was no shortage of cursing and name calling when she came out. I’m pretty sure I woke the whole neighborhood with my screaming.

    I feel your pain.

  3. sitboaf

    That’s insane. Looks like the white vehicle was doing the same. I hope you reported this offense to authorities.

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