Go ahead and ignore that sign

Olympia Fields, IL

Muffinzrock says, “I guess that sign doesn’t apply for those ‘important’ people.”



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9 responses to “Go ahead and ignore that sign

  1. Tatman

    Monkey see, monkey do.

  2. Evets

    Signs like that refer to ‘other people,’ not people like these 2 who are really important.

  3. That’s the second biggest “no parking” sign I’ve ever seen.

  4. Jen

    Is that sign really 6 feet tall??!

  5. I hear ya Jen. I had to look three times to see the arrow.

  6. diabolique

    I couldn’t figure out why the sign was floating in air until you mentioned the arrow. Thanks for clearing it up!

  7. Haha, sorry about that, everybody.

  8. You want to be in line with the new regulations, though if you read the comments above there seems to be some flexibility for travellers along the border area. ,

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