Stuck in the middle

Los Angeles

Ricardo simply says, “Spotted these 3 cars parked in two parking spaces. It is at a local supermarket.”

Short explanation, but this is pretty hilarious. What is they guy in the middle gonna do? Surely his ice cream will melt while he waits. That’s just sad.



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4 responses to “Stuck in the middle

  1. Joe

    That’s awesome!

    Though the blame should go to all three of these drivers, the middle one was the jerk taking two spots for himself. Call it karma.

  2. Jen

    It looks like the truck, farthest away, is waiting for the white car even further away to move, and s/he backed into the 3-spot just for a moment. Its brake lights are on. Is this really a 3-park job?

  3. T.N. Amaps

    This happened to me once in a mall parking lot. Since people can spend hours in a mall, my friend and I spend 10 minutes moving the compact car behind us. We picked up one end, moved it over 6 inches, then went to the front and move it over 6 inches. We repeated the process until the driver’s side of the car was touching the car beside it. Then we managed to get my car out through the gap we opened. I just hope we moved the correct car.

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