Double double parking

Altamonte Springs, FL

Ryan says, “Saw this from the upper floors of our office building. It’s a crappy cellphone photo, but it works.



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2 responses to “Double double parking

  1. Joe

    It looks more like six spots are being taken by these two.

  2. Jean

    That’s funny, I count four in this one shot that are off. White with sunroof on the right, didn’t pull up far enough. Black next to it speaks for itself, as does the truck. But the car at the left of the tree doesn’t look like it pulled up far enough either. And if you really want to get picky, the Jeep all the way to the right pulled up TOO far! But not by much. I think I will just avoid Altamonte Springs. Last couple of times I was in southern Fla I did notice that people would stop at a red light far enough back to fit at least two mid-sized cars in between them and the car in front of them. Made me wonder if they thought the other cars had leprosy or something.

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