At uni followup

Geelong, Victoria, Australia

This is Dan’s follow-up to the uni parking situation. “This morning when I was coming in to uni, I noticed that there was a different car parked over the ‘no parking’ zone – this time, an Astra.  But then I noticed something around the corner. It’s our old friends, Daewoo and Rav4!

There is only one space perpendicular to the other cars, which is taken by the Outlander.  The Daewoo and Rav4 aren’t in spaces – granted, it is hard to tell, because the line-markings were painted on gravel, and have pretty much disappeared. It’s a Monday, so there are so many spare car spaces further away!  The owners are just too lazy to walk from there.

When I went back to my car less than an hour later, the Astra had gone, but obviously the Integra-driver had done the same thing as the Rav4 did on Friday, and made their own spot.  Now they were out in the middle of nowhere.  One of the security guards (who also give out parking tickets) watched me take the photo while he was having a chat on the phone, but didn’t do anything – he started walking back into the uni, not giving out fines!”


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