At uni

Geelong, Victoria, Australia

Daniel took this at the Deakin University Waterfront Campus carpark. He says, “Only uni staff and students can park here, so you would have to assume that they are reasonably intelligent. Well, maybe not….

I guess the Daewoo-driver was too lazy to park at the other end of the half-full carpark, and then
the Rav4-driver decided that there was someone else parked incorrectly, so that two wrongs would make a right. I can see how the Rav4 driver might be confused because they recently reorganised the carpark and painted new lines everywhere.  But really, they should be more aware of other traffic and see that the car next to it is on the stripy lines!

What I found to be the best bit about this is that the Daewoo driver left their parking lights on and I hope that they had a flat battery at the end of the day.  Karma?  I think so.”


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