Lazy and inconsiderate

Northport, NY

Dan fully admits this isn’t really “bad” parking, but rather “inconsiderate and lazy.” He says, “Apparently she couldn’t be bothered to walk that extra few feet. I’d say she deserved to be caught on camera in front of her fine piece of work for the world to see.”

Thanks Dan. And for all the haters out there, we at Bad Parking accept bad parking photos as well as lazy, inconsiderate, funny, obnoxious, ridiculous (you get the idea) parking photos. It’s just that Bad/Lazy/Inconsiderate/Funny/Obnoxious/Ridiculous, Etc. Parking seemed a little long for a blog title.


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One response to “Lazy and inconsiderate

  1. There’s a variation of this at my local supermarket: Lazy driver pulls up in front of the grocery store. Lazy shopper gets out while lazy driver waits (car running, usually) in the Fire Lane while lazy shopper goes in “for a few things” to emerge 15 minutes later and get back in the car.

    I can provide photos if you wish. I’d have done it sooner, but it isn’t really Bad Parking as much as it is Bad Idling.

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