Not cool dude

Paramus, NJ

Dan says, “Not only is he nowhere close to being in the center of the spot (he is just barely in the lines), but about a quarter of his car is in the space behind him. Parking was pretty bad this day, and this a**hole just HAD to take up two spots.”



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2 responses to “Not cool dude

  1. Elliot M

    THIS is when those of us who drive old ‘Beaters”, or even better, a PICK-UP with a really rusty, ratty, ragged ‘METAL”Bumper noses right up that shiny front “Plastic” One……., Or even better, with that “Push bar”, that Morons car ends back where it should have been….., with skid marks to prove it!!!!

  2. Omgwana Kikbuti

    Oops…put the comment on this one in the wrong spot. I should have said, didn’t we see THIS one (on April 30) two days ago (or three)?

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