360 view


Phoenix, AZ

Leif says the violation here is parking over 3 spaces, maybe 4 if you consider the rear left corner of ther car. “I guess the owner thought he was king of the hill.”



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5 responses to “360 view

  1. Omgwana Kikbuti

    Well, now THIS one I can understand. This is a classic car, and it appears to be in excellent condition. And there doesn’t seem to be any other cars in the lot around it, so the need for “efficient” parking doesn’t enter into the equation. This person apparently wanted to protect the car from dings, scratches, dents, and what have you, so he or she simply parked the car in a deserted area of the parking lot, trusting that no one would park right next to it and bang his or her own car door into it.

    C’mon…not all “wrong” parking is “bad” parking…especially if no other cars need the spaces, as seems to be the case here!

  2. jim McPhail

    person should park over by the trees and walk-I have a 39 ford coupe,32 ford roadster,63 Nova,56 Cad and I have never been or would park like this –

  3. Kitty

    Maybe when you spend that much on a classic you will want to keep other idiots away from it at all costs too. There is plenty of other spots left in the lot……………….Please never go to a classic car show.

  4. Mark

    The owner of the Chevelle would be proud to have their sweet ride pictured online – in an EMPTY PARKING LOT! There must be better things to do in Arizona than wasting your (and our) time over a non-issue in the middle of nowhere, Leif.

  5. sitboaf

    If the lot is empty, why did he need to take up extra spots?

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