Tight squeeze

Kalamazoo, MI

Kimberly says, “I was visiting my mother in the hospital , after a particularly heinous day, only to come out and find this little treat. My car is the red car; the van was not there when I parked.  These pictures actually do not do proper justice to exactly how shitty the van’s parking job was.  I have a two-door car with extremely long doors and it was challenging, to say the least, to just to be able to get into my car. There was only around a 6 inch gap between my back bumper and the van so backing out was a treat as well.”



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2 responses to “Tight squeeze

  1. elmogiggles

    You know Peaches, you own parking job wasn’t so hot either. Pot, meet Black in this case.

  2. Fred

    Kimberly was not entirely blameless here, as she did not pull straight into the parking space, but pulled diagonally into it. Of course, the other guy’s natural instinct was to park parallel to her, which it seems he did. Had he pulled straight into his space, Kimberly’s left front fender would have been very close to his right one, leaving it vulnerable when Kimberly backed out. t seems he could have left her a little more room, but we don’t know if someone was on his left whn he pulled in.

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