On Target

Pleasant Hill, CA

Carolyn says, “This car was in front of me in line to park. There were two empty spaces just a couple spots further away from the door. But this driver decided to park in a space that was at least half full of a shopping cart rack. The entire rear end of their car was hanging out in the middle of the aisle, and obviously, was totally blocking people from putting their carts back in the rack. After she zipped into the space, I totally thought she would realize what she did and back out and move two spaces down so I waited for her for a few seconds. Instead, she hopped out of her car and strolled on over to Target where hopefully she bought some glasses and common sense.

Yes, you can also catch the hind end of ANOTHER bad parking job with the white car that is in the middle of two spaces, apparently inspired by the shopping cart rack. But I was so flabbergasted by witnessing the woman deliberately leave her car in the shopping cart rack that I couldn’t even take a photo of the other horrendous parking.”

Seriously? People actually park in the cart corral spots? What the hell?



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2 responses to “On Target

  1. The way certain people drive is one of my biggest peeves. I have actually posted about driving issues on my linguistics blog. http://walkinthewords.blogspot.com/2009/02/semantics-of-slower-traffic.html

  2. I actually LOL’d on this one! That park job is absolutely ridiculous.

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