Buddy buddy

Fresno, CA

Charlene says, “I found these two vehicles parked on my way to class one day. I’m pretty sure it was the driver of the pick-up trying to piss off the driver of the Corolla by parking closely, because the parking lot was almost completely empty.”



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5 responses to “Buddy buddy

  1. Margaret

    If you’ll notice, though, the truck is completely within the boundaries of its parking space — it’s the Toyota that’s over the line.

  2. That’s possible Charlene, but my feelings would be that the pickup driver is oblivious to how close his right side was to the other car.

    Mostly, it’s because I find people to be oblivious to their surroundings – parking lots included, which is never more obvious than the postings on this blog.

  3. Alex

    Considering that the corolla is over the line and into the little barrier between the spaces, it’s their own fault if they can’t get into their car. The pickup is completely in its space; it’s the blue car that did the bad parking.

  4. Carol

    I recently had somebody do that to me. I don’t know how my outside mirror wasn’t taken off.

    I had to get into the car through the passenger side, and with a large center console, I thought I was going to pull a muscle trying to get into the driver’s seat.

  5. I thought about doing that once when I was in the truck’s POV, but since I drive a Prius I thought I’d get keyed or worse…

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