Repeat offender

Syracuse, NY

GirardiParty says, “So I was leaving my permit-only lot on the Syracuse University campus when I noticed this guy, who knows he has the greatest car in the lot, and clearly wants everyone else to know it too.

“THEN I went out of town and came back a few days later to see the same car doing the same thing in the same lot! Needless to say, I was fed up and wrote this guy a note on half an empty pizza box laying next to the car. (I count three spaces here.)”



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4 responses to “Repeat offender

  1. Evets

    I would have been tempted to park my old truck in the space to the right of this car, and find a friend with an old bomb of a car to park in the space on the left. And leave them there for a few days while this jerk figures out how to get his car. (I say ‘his’ because parkers like this seem to almost invariably be men.)

  2. sitboaf

    Leaving a note = +10. You are the wind beneath my wings.
    What did the note say?

  3. GirardiParty

    Short and to the point: “Nice parking, asshole.”

    I could have written volumes but I figured the ol’ pizza-box-on-your-windshield is insulting enough.

  4. Drive Me Mad

    Yeah, what did it say? I must know!

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