Maul parking

Hingham, MA

Jeff says, “I call it maul parking instead of mall parking because this bozo is mauling the landscaping and the sensibilities of all who view his great parking job.”



Filed under parking, truck

4 responses to “Maul parking

  1. Jean

    Maybe he was afraid the minivan next to him would dent his pretty truck when they opened their doors? (dripping sarcasm)

  2. Steph

    I can never understand how people are satisfied when part of their vehicle is actually elevated.

  3. Agreed. Why park like that when you’re going into Kohl’s?

    I can almost see it when you’re at the fishing derby and you want to make a statement like, “I have four-wheel-drive and I know how to push the button”.

    But otherwise it’s just dinkishness.

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