Opposites attract

Copperas Cove, TX

Jean says, “This was taken along highway 190 at a rest stop in west Texas, at a fast food joint. The Mustang belongs to my boss and is fairly new, only had it about three months when this was taken, and it is her baby. This isn’t just any Mustang, it is pretty well souped up. She makes it a point to park away from other people for good reason! As you can see, the parking space to the driver’s side of the truck is wide open and at the end of the parking lot. He could have parked over there, taking a space and a half and no one would have cared. She said at least five spots to the other side of her car were open AND there were huge open areas in other parts of the parking lot. Why this bonehead chose to park right next to her is beyond me. I wasn’t there but when she sent me this picture I just knew it had to be sent to you. Yes, I did get her permission. Lucky for this guy my boss is tiny so she could wiggle to get into her car.”



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2 responses to “Opposites attract

  1. Cecil

    I’d make it a point to *not* wiggle into my car after that a$$hat maneuver…

  2. Jean

    Cecil, thanks for the comment! When my boss saw this she cracked up all over again. You see, by this time it almost (almost) seemed funny to her. She said the truck just wanted to snuggle. Awwwwwww

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