The golden rule of reverse parking

Duluth, GA

Sabrina says, “This is my apartment complex parking lot. This d-bag obviously didn’t follow the golden rule of reverse parking. If you can’t reverse into ONE parking space, don’t reverse at all. I had to park far away because of him.”

I like the second half of that golden rule all on its own – don’t reverse [park] at all! Because most of the time, even when drivers think they can reverse park into one spot, it takes them far too long.


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One response to “The golden rule of reverse parking

  1. I only reverse park at work because I get there very early, and it’s so much safer to go out “frontwards” without having to check the mirrors for my co-workers who feel like they can speed through the parking lot.
    Otherwise, yes it generally takes just as long for most people to back in as it does to back out, so what’s the point?

    And, I’m very good at it. 🙂

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