Mishap at the hospital

Sioux City, IA

Heidi explains, “A few days ago, I took my mother-in-law to her cardiologist.. I was aghast when I saw this ridiculous Cadillac parked like this. There’s no reason this Caddy should have parked like this–if my mini-van can fit in that space, so can he. Meanwhile, I had to drop off my mother-in-law at the door and park about a quarter-mile away. I hate this ramp; it’s always full of bad parking. I should have taken pictures of the giant SUVs parked along the wall because there’s no space big enough for them.”


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One response to “Mishap at the hospital

  1. Jerry

    That’s not a spot next to that car, so you couldn’t have parked there anyway. Not especially elegant, but not hurting anyone.

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