Brotherly love

Philadelphia, PA

Sarah took this on “a narrow, single-lane, one-way street that has parallel parking on both sides. Oh, and it’s a hill. AND, the road was icy. I came out to find this black SUV had parked ON TOP of my Civic. I’m not sure if it is clear in the photo, but this guy’s rear bumper is completely on top of my front bumper. What’s worse: he was the first car on the street – so there was not, nor was there going to be, anyone parked in front of him. I, of course, had left a few feet for the car behind me (i.e. I was able to get out, though it took some work). But, because my car is a manual transmission, and we were on a hill, and the hill was iced … I think this qualifies not only as bad parking, but rude parking as well. Ah, the city of brotherly love.”



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2 responses to “Brotherly love

  1. Tatman

    3 words…smashed tail lights.

  2. I have to say that, as a native, it bugs me to hear that tired old “City of Brotherly Love” slogan rolled out every time something lousy happens in Philadelphia.

    Somewhere in Denver, a car has blocked another car in, and the driver is saying, “These damned Colorado people!”

    It’s 250 years already. Stop holding an ancient slogan against us. We’re just as lousy as everybody else.

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