This is absurd

Alpharetta, Georgia

Shannon says, “As I went to pick up lunch today, I found the parking lot very full and had to park far away (though I took the photo after it had cleared out a bit).  The full lot didn’t stop the owner of this tiny Honda from protecting his prized vehicle.  My car is the other red one behind the parking faux pas in between the lines correctly.”



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2 responses to “This is absurd

  1. I for one, am disappointed.

    He clearly could have taken up 4 spaces, yet settled for only taking up 3.


  2. dkzody

    Full parking lot, huh…that’s a good thing. The creep with the car…not such a good thing. Isn’t that car sort of old? What’s the point? Oh, I know…they must have been taking photos of his car to use in the yearbook. This looks just like a car one of my students would be driving, and the yearbook staffers love to park them at an angle for the pictures. =8-)

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