Who started it?

Colorado Springs, CO

Elise took this at the Chapel Hills Mall. She says, “I’d come to do a little Christmas shopping and ended up having to park pretty far away, but it was a nice day and I don’t mind the walk.  However, traversing the parking lot, I came across this little beauty.  Now, I understand that the holidays are kind of a hectic time to be shopping, and parking can be sparse, but…isn’t making up your own spot without even a bit of snow-cover to hide the fact that you did pushing it just a little?”

Looks like everyone in that area is parking poorly, but who knows who started it. Probably this guy.



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2 responses to “Who started it?

  1. Monkey see, monkey do.

  2. Becky

    It was probably right after a snow storm. That parking doesn’t get plowed that much. The car might of parked when it was snow on the parking lot and now it has melted away.

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