Bad bank parking

San Diego, CA

Tim took this outside a bank.  “I can see being close to the line and not fixing it. But there is no excuse for this.”



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3 responses to “Bad bank parking

  1. This is called “handicapped”. “In the brain.”

  2. arianna

    Hey Tim,
    I believe I do see a handicapped plaque hanging from the rearview mirror, but if I’m wrong and this person does not have handicapped parking permission, then this is of course inexcusable! However, I do want to point out that while this does look like awful parking, there *could* be a reason for it – the fact that the extra space in the spot is on the right-hand side. I have a friend who is in a wheelchair but does drive, and therefore would have need to get out of the car – with enough space for her wheelchair – on the driver’s side. Just wanted to point that out, so that people understand that sometimes you DO have to park a bit off in a handicapped spot, if there isn’t enough room.

    I am thinking there are no cars to the left of this one, though, so it could have just been laziness. However, maybe they did think that someone might park to their left & leave them unable to get back in their car upon their return? Just a thought.

    I love this site & I totally appreciate this picture – I just wanted to put up a bit of a defense for handicapped parking sometimes being a bit erratic! In order to get my friend in & out of a car, we’ve had to do some pretty “creative” parking at times! 🙂

  3. Jen

    Yeah, as Arianna said, there actually IS an excuse for this… potentially.

    This isn’t a van but that’s even more true for vans — they may have a wheelchair lift they can’t use otherwise.

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