Homeland Security

Oklahoma City, OK

Jake says this is “courtesy of the US Department of Homeland Security, whose motto appears to be ‘Join the Border Patrol and park anywhere you damn well please.'”



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6 responses to “Homeland Security

  1. How ironic that the border patrol doesn’t observe borders.

  2. Sherry

    Where the hell do you expect him to park? I don’t consider this bad parking. Annoying parking maybe, but what are the alternatives?

  3. Joe

    Sherry, clearly you’re looking at the wrong vehicle. The Homeland Security trailer IS well-parked, as you say — back of the lot, taking up as few spaces as is possible. But the bad parking here is on the part of the HHR, which is attempting to block in the trailer! (I think he may just be able to maneuver out of there, if he’s good and/or has a partner to tell him how much room he has to back up.)

  4. Sherry

    The post made it seem like it was talking about the truck.

    I will confess also that I have thought about parking like the HHR when I have come across trailers badly parked

  5. Joe

    Yeah, the post IS about the truck/trailer. I was just being facetious. I agree that the driver of the truck really didn’t have any other options.

  6. Jerry

    I will agree that it is the HHR that is the poor parker in this instance, as Joe originally pointed out. I often have to contend with parking a truck and trailer and believe me, it is not an easy feat. There are times when I have had to park across spaces like that and I usually have to position myself so there is an “escape route” so I can’t be blocked in if someone parks in the next spot. I know it SEEMS selfish, but your maneuverability is severely limited in a vehicle that it is over 40 feet long. If I were the driver of the truck in this situation I would have attempted to park in the same position facing the other direction, and with some room behind so I could back up to get room to turn if someone parked close to the truck.


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