Just a dope

Kalamazoo, MI

Justin says, “I work at Jax building supply in Kalamazoo, Mi and this was one of our customers. Not only did he park outside of the lines, the space he is in is not really a space. It’s an additional area for the handicapped people to get in and out of their vehicles comfortably. This guy is just a dope, and I can testify to that personally.”

I love this one.



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3 responses to “Just a dope

  1. In this case, he’s attempting to create a need for the handicapped space by leaving his ladder protrude from the back of the truck.
    This is another example of where police action was needed in addition to the photograph.

  2. Lelah

    I agree with Anthony- shoulda called the police!

  3. I’m a blind quadriplegic and on a number of occasions now we got back to the car to find someone had parked on the lines between the disabled parking spots! I had to wait in behind the cars in traffic while my boyfriend backed out and stopped so I could get in. Each of these times the people who had to wait the three or so minutes it took to get me, my wheelchair and guide dog into the car were yelling at us, and honking their horns and giving us the finger! All because people decided to park in a non parking space!

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