In the blue again

Redlands, CA

Tim says, “So I was driving by this gas station again. And I saw a car parking squarly in the blue-stripped no parking area for the hadicapped space. So I had to snap a quick shot. We’ve seen this done here before. At least it’s a different car this time. And yes, there are more parking spaces on the other side of the pumps,
people just don’t want to walk.”



Filed under car, parking

3 responses to “In the blue again

  1. Most of these parking issues are funny/stupid, but this one required (in addition to the snapshot) a call to the local police.

  2. Rachel

    Someone does this every single day at my apartment complex. I always want to yell at them. It’s not a parking space.

  3. Lea

    Pretty sad that someone who just doesn’t want to walk will occupy an area designated for someone that likely cannot. Someone who might wish they could make that walk.

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