Crazy line dancers

Provo, Utah

Heather explains, “Right across the street from our apartment, a country dance is hosted every Wednesday and Saturday night. Last Saturday was a typical Saturday night with the typical crazy parking. You’ll notice in the pictures that the jeep in question is on the sidewalk. Given, it’s a wide sidewalk, but there’s no excuse. Plus, you’ll notice a white rectangle above the hood of the jeep – that’s the Bus Stop sign – it’s a no parking zone in general!”



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2 responses to “Crazy line dancers

  1. Ha! I didn’t even know country line-dancing folks drove Jeeps! (I used to be on-air for a country radio station, and whenever I was out at an event, I’d watch all our listeners show up in pickup trucks or on motorcycles…)

  2. Jen

    Insert your own “crossing the Rubicon” joke here…

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