Competing diagonals

Escondido, CA

Tim says, “Not to be outdone by my brother Jeff, I thought I’d better send in a Diagonal photo of my own.
I’ve highlighted the parking stripe direction because it sort of gets lost in the bright light.

I’ll give the guy credit for actually being fully within the space – but it is obvious that they came in from the wrong side and didn’t bother to fix their parking. Sloppy… Now that Escape next door – that guy knows how to park!”

Hmm… wonder who might drive the Escape.



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3 responses to “Competing diagonals

  1. That couldn’t be you, Tim, now could it? But, don’t feel bad, I drive one, too.

  2. Yup – that’s me (in the Escape…).
    And this is in Escondido, CA.

  3. Mike

    Okay, *where* in Escondido? It looks like the Albertson’s on East Valley Parkway …

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