At least six!

Lancaster, PA

In the first photo, it’s difficult to tell what’s so wrong. But as Kara explains, “This fine gentleman felt the need to occupy not one, not two, but at least six parking spaces with his beast of a truck and trailer.  Now, it’s one thing to do this out in the middle of nowhere in the parking lot, but he had parked his butt right in the heart of prime time at the mall. I mean, he could have at least occupied one side of the parking lane, but instead felt it necessary to occupy both. Absolutely ridiculous.”

Kara we appreciate your diligence in photographing this from all angles. It really tells the whole story of this guy’s inconsiderateness.



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2 responses to “At least six!

  1. Lauren

    Hahahaha. This is so excellent.

  2. Alchieboy

    Having trailered myself, I confess that I have occupied more than 1 spot.

    However, I make it a point to park in trucker/RV spots if they are available ( I see that in pic #1, there is a truck in the far end of the lot). If not, I try to park as far as possible in the lot so that I don’t cause inconvenience to others.

    This is just plain ‘ol selfishness and laziness!

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