Forced to squeeze

Waurn Ponds, Victoria, Australia

Dan says, “This was the only parking place left in my carpark – in the tiny space in the very far corner, sandwiched between the Commodore which is well into my space, and the Volvo, which isn’t in a space at all!

I don’t understand why the Commodore driver parked like this – if he had wanted to go somewhere this morning, he would have had about 30cm to squeeze into his car, and only because I had to do some bad parking myself.  I had to go up and over the gutter, just so I could get out of my car.

I left a note under the windscreen wiper, saying that I submitted a photo of it to this blog.  I wonder if they’ll check it out.”

Hello driver, we hope you’re reading! Let us know if you are.


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One response to “Forced to squeeze

  1. I left a note on a car recently because they were farking arseholes that couldn’t park. But it didn’t mention this blog so much as it mentioned several four letter words.
    I am very particular about my car. It isn’t a BMW, but I have a new vehicle that is nice, and I want to keep it that way–free of door dings and scratches.
    I park ONLY on end spots where only one person can park beside me–even if I have to walk a mile to the place I’m going to–and I get over as far as humanly possibly in the space–away from the adjacent spot.
    Recently, I went to a restaurant, and I parked very far away, and in an end spot. The spot was large, so I had nearly 2.5 feet from my tires to the line. No one was NEAR me when I went in. When I came out, some jackass in a Ford Explorer was straddling MY line. Yes, they weren’t just on the line, they were literally inches from my precious baby.
    Luckily for them, my door didn’t reach theirs. I can’t deny that I would have slammed the every living hell out of their door with mine. But, I did leave an ever so nasty little note. I hope it ruined their night.

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