Diagonals 1

San Diego, CA

Jeff says, “I’ve noticed for some time parking spaces that are created as diagonals seem to create more relatively minor parking errors than do spaces that are created at right angles. No idea why, but that’s the impression I get. Finally decided today to get some of those errors photographed.”



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3 responses to “Diagonals 1

  1. Jeff

    Should have noted in my initial email with these photos that the emphasis here is on “minor”. Of course major errors related to parking spaces occur in spaces created as diagonals and spaces created at right angles.

  2. Tim

    I think this is because a lot of people park in these spaces after driving the wrong way down the aisle. They swing wide, turn sharp, and never end up in the space quite correctly. At least that is something I see happening all over the place.

    OK brother – guess it’s my turn to submit again…

  3. It also seems that the percentage of bad parking is directly proportional to the ownership of a PT Cruiser. Maybe there needs to be a whole new category on this site: PT Cruiser. Just look through the site and see how many Cruisers show up.

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